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Booking Rates


Option 1: 16 tracks or less in the session.

R1 500 (per song)

USD 150 (per song) - Clients outside South Africa

Option 2: Between 16 - 24 tracks in the session.

R2 500 per song

USD 250 per song - Clients outside South Africa

Option 3: 25 or more tracks in the session.

R3 500 per song

USD 350 per song - Clients outside South Africa

Dolby Atmos is available at an additional R1,000 per song.

USD 100 per song - Clients outside South Africa


R750 per song


R450/ hour

R3 500 Half day (6 hours)

R4 050 Full day (10 hours)


R7 500 per song

How to prepare your files for mixing?

1. Number and name your files/tracks, e.g. 01 Kick; 02 Bass; 03 Snare, etc.


2. Keep the files in groups, i.e. drums together and with a number sequence; melodic instruments together; vocals together; sound effects together. So after numbering the drums, you will number the music instrument, vocals and effects, etc.


3. Make sure that your tracks are properly edited, i.e. remove clicks and pops, remove unwanted background noise especially from vocals, make sure that you don't have multiple sounds in one track unless if they make up one sound.


4. Pitch correction on vocals: ensure that your vocals are pitch corrected as desired, although mixing involves pitch correction, doing this yourself makes sure that you get the vocal tuning that you want.


5. If you're using autotune as a vocal effect, keep it on. It's better if I don't spend time trying to recreate your desired autotune setting.


6. Remove all effects & processing from vocals i.e. eq, compression, deessers, delays and reverb.

Important Notice

Please send your files in the following format:

  1. Wave files only. No MP3 will be accepted.
  2. The sample rate of the files (44.1kHz, 48kHz, etc.) must be as per the original sample rate of your session.
  3. All files must be sent at 24bit, 32bit preferred.
  4. Ensure that each wave file does not exceed -6dbfs on your meters.
  5. All files must have effects, eq and compression bypassed.
  6. In some cases particular sounds are made up of plugins in the chain, do not bypass those plugins.
  7. If your vocals have autotune and it is part of the sound please leave autotune on.
  8. Always include a bounced version of your song to allow me to get an idea of the sound you're looking for as well as your arrangement.
  9. Always include a reference track of an existing song that you would like your song to be close to. Remember to choose a reference of the same genre, similar instrumentation arrangement and tempo. (this doesn't have to be 100% but close).
  10. Take the time to remove any unwanted noise, clicks, pops, etc. from your audio. This will go a long way in ensuring your song is as polished and refined as possible.
  11. Please note that all mixing bookings have a standard turnaround time of 5 working days unless if otherwise advised. Mixed by PrichA does get very full especially during peak months, this influences turnaround times considerably and you will therefore be advised.

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Mobile: +27 71 471 8810

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